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Here at Leengate Engineering, we pride ourselves on delivering exactly what each client needs with our sheet metal welding service. That may sound obvious, but not many companies can match the range of services and depth of expertise which we offer at our site in Nottingham. All of our engineers are time-served experts in their own right, with decades of experience to draw upon and a commitment to using the latest techniques and technology to deliver the best results. This applies to everyone from the designers working with the latest software to the technicians in the paint workshop, and it means we can offer full service, end to end sheet metal fabrication.

A large part of this full-service is provided by the sheet metal welding facilities we offer. We have six welding plants in total, capable of providing mig, tig, spot and stud welding. The fact that we can weld all metals, including stainless steel welding, aluminium welding and mild steel, means that we can work on the widest possible range of components, and by combining welding with services such as punching, press braking and finishing, we’re able to work for clients in sectors as diverse as retail and defence. We’re equally at home offering fine sheet metal welding on components that will be visible in the finished item or heavier welding on larger structures.

What our clients appreciate, as well as the quality we insist upon, is the flexibility we offer. Whether they want to come to us with an initial idea and develop it through design, prototype and manufacture into a finished item or alternatively need just a stand-alone service like punching, bending, sheet metal welding or painting, we’ll consult with them to draw up a delivery plan that meets their requirements. The fact that we can take a project from start to finish without having to outsource means that we can guarantee the quality of every part of that project, safe in the knowledge that everyone who works on it works within the Leengate ethos of excellence.

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No matter what stage your project is at we can consult as partners and recommend the best course of action and, as a BS EN ISO9001:2015 accredited company with more than 300 years accumulated engineering experience, we are uniquely equipped to deliver the results you’re looking for.

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