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The sheet metal painting service at Leengate Engineering provides an integral part of our end to end offer to every client. They can come to us with a completed design and we’ll explain exactly how to deliver that design or, in some cases, consult with them on how that design could actually be improved. Alternatively, we offer our separate specialisms as stand-alone services and this is particularly true of our dedicated paint shop.

Clients can come to us with components and items which have already been manufactured and need a degree of finishing. Other parts of our site in Nottingham offer degreasing and shot blasting facilities if these are needed to get an item ready for painting, and the metal paint shop itself is equipped with pre-treatment facilities which include chemical cleaning, pickling and conversion coating. Put all of this together and you have a comprehensive finishing service for clients from sectors such as aviation, retail, electronic metal fabrication, rail and defence.

What many of these sectors have in common is a reliance on results which deliver to very fine tolerances and, in many cases, which offer a degree of aesthetic impact. Our state of the art sheet metal painting facilities are able to deliver this, not least because our technicians have the kind of hands-on experience – dating back decades in some cases – which is now all too rare.

The three production lines which run through the paint shop along with the 4 ovens offer both wet painting and powder coating. The fact that we offer full design and manufacturing services as well means that we can design components to take full advantage of the results which our paint shop can offer, although the same facilities are equally effective when delivering to clients who bring their own components.

The three conveyor systems can accommodate sizes ranging from 10mm to 4500mm, with an overhead conveyor system which links the majority of the painting applications. We also have a purpose-designed, temperature-controlled clean room, which provides the required environment for a finish which can only be described as perfect.

The coating processes we offer include wet spray using both solvent and water-based paint and powder coating, and we’re equally happy handling batches as small as a single component, all the way up to working on several thousand components per day. So if you require stainless steel or aluminium painting get in touch with us today.

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No matter what stage your project is at we can consult as partners and recommend the best course of action and, as a BS EN ISO9001:2015 accredited company with more than 300 years accumulated engineering experience, we are uniquely equipped to deliver the results you’re looking for.

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